Since we are in lockdown

Since we’re all at home for a long while, I’ve had time to explore other things. And I found a Bible Study the other day by Anne Graham Lotz. Yes, Billy Graham’s daughter. Pretty cool. I am happy that she is keeping the faith and is living her life for God.

I googled ‘Bible studies on Ephesians’ and found her site to have a free study available, so I went and looked and found what I believe to be a really good study guide.

Rather than beginning in Ephesians, Anne starts her study in Acts chapter 19 where Paul is first mentioned to be in Ephesus.

The study is simple. It’s one of her “3-Question Bible Studies”. It’s quite easy, and she lets you expand on the 3-questions deal. If you are looking for a study that is not so ‘heavy’, this would be a good one to try.

I’m not quite ready to write up anything on what I’ve done with it so far, but there is one verse that I’d like to share: verse 19:11 in Acts. “God was performing extraordinary miracles at Paul’s hands…”

That verse jumped out at me because it tells us that God was performing the miracles, not Paul. Paul was just the instrument through which God was performing the miracles.

That really hit me between the eyes because I had been thinking all this time that the apostle’s were doing the miracles (albeit with the power of the Holy Spirit within them). This verse clarified the hierarchy, if you will, of how miracles are performed.

Verse 12 goes on to say that even handkerchiefs and aprons that had touched Paul’s skin were used to perform miracles as well. And that just opened up another idea for me that it is us but it is the power of God. The power can inhabit anything. Even a handkerchief.

How totally cool is that? God IS everywhere. And IN everything. He can be and say and do whatever He wants from wherever He wants and that just blows me away! He is worthy to be praised!!

Okay, so that’s just an appetizer for what’s to come in the next few weeks as I do this study. Really cool stuff in the books of Acts and Ephesians. Come back and see what I’ve found.




3 thoughts on “Since we are in lockdown

  1. Oh! I really appreciate this!! I really like Anne Graham Lotz! This study is bound to be good!! I will check it out! Thank you!

    I really like the whole ‘hierarchy’ of the miracle too!! Excellent point!

    Good to meet you!! May the Lord bless you and keep you safe and strong in these times!


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    1. Hi Peach, Very nice to meet you too! 🙂

      Thank you for the well-wishes. I pray that you are safe and that your family is passed over with this virus. When all is said and done, we will have our own Passover celebration to commit to.

      In Christ we have Peace and Love,


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  2. “That verse jumped out at me because it tells us that God was performing the miracles, not Paul. Paul was just the instrument through which God was performing the miracles.” I REALLY like that thought. Also so SO cool about the power of God inhabiting a handkerchief How amazing is He!!.

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